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Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AS41Gibbs short handMr Muirhead22 Oct 17665 Nov 1766Register 6 page 20vViewGibbs, Philip, active 1736.Historical account of compendious and swift writing. [With an Essay towards a farther improvement of shorthand]Sp Coll Bn2-i.7  View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)BV16Harris's Voyages Vol 1stMr Clow, Mr Muirhead, Dr Reid27 Nov 176611 Dec 1766Register 6 page 24rViewHarris, John, 1677?-1719.Navigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca, or, a complete collection of voyages and travels ... To which is prefixed a copious introduction ... Now carefully revised, with large additions ...Sp Coll Bl9-a.8View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AE1011.12Amelia Vol.s 1 & 2dMr Muirhead10 Feb 176713 Feb 1767Register 6 page 33vViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.Amelia.Sp Coll Bk1-k.9-12View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AE119Peregrine Pickle Vol.s 1.2Dr Reid13 Feb 176725 Feb 1767Register 6 page 34rSmollett, T. (Tobias), 1721-1771.Adventures of Peregrine PickleView
Robt GrahamGreek (Greek)AU819Mairs Book-keepingMr Muirhead16 Feb 176725 Feb 1767Register 6 page 34vViewMair, John, 1702 or 3-1769.Book-keeping methodiz'd: or, a methodical treatise of merchant-accompts, according to the Italian form ... To which is added, a large appendix ...Sp Coll Bi1-f.21  View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AE1013 14Amelia Vols 3.4Mr Clow26 Feb 17674 Mar 1767Register 6 page 36vViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.Amelia.Sp Coll Bk1-k.9-12View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AF1113Wilsons ArithmeticMr Anderson2 Mar 176711 Mar 1767Register 6 page 37rViewWilson, John, A. M., Teacher of Mathematics.Introduction to arithmetic ...Sp Coll Bl1-k.25View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AF1028Ladys Drawing RoomDr Traill6 Mar 176726 Mar 1767Register 6 page 38rViewLady's Drawing Room.Lady's drawing room. Being a faithful picture of the great world in which the various humours of both sexes are display'd. Drawn from the life: and interspers'd with entertaining and affecting novels.Sp Coll Bk2-k.5  View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AE123.4Peter Wilkins Vols. 1.2dMr Cumin9 Mar 176719 Mar 1767Register 6 page 38rViewPaltoch, Robert.Life and adventures of Peter Wilkins, a Cornish man: relating particularly, his shipwreck near the South Pole; his wonderful passage thro' a subterraneous cavern into a kind of new world; his there meeting with a gawry or flying woman ...By R.S. a passenger in the Hector.Sp Coll Bk1-k.15-16View
Robt. GrahamGreek (Greek)AE1213Fortunate FoundlingMr Cumin9 Mar 176726 Mar 1767Register 6 page 38vViewHaywood, Eliza Fowler, 1693?-1756.Fortunate foundlings: being the genuine history of Colonel M---rs, and his sister, Madam du P----y, the issue of the Hon. Ch---es M----rs, son of the late Duke of R--l--d ...Sp Coll Bk1-h.20View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AP1119Watt's Dispensation under ye (JewsMr Cumin13 Mar 176725 Mar 1767Register 6 page 39vViewWatts, Isaac, 1674-1748.Holiness of times, places, and people under the Jewish and Christian dispensations consider'd and compar'd , in several discourses ...Sp Coll Bk2-k.14  View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)CF48Waterlands SermonsMr Muirhead16 Mar 176726 Mar 1767Register 6 page 40rViewWaterland, Daniel, 1683-1740.Eight sermons ... in defense of the Divinty of our Lord Jesus Christ ... With a preface containing remarks upon two late pamphlets ...Sp Coll Bm1-g.14  View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AF1025Gentlemans Companion V. 1.2dDr Reid26 Mar 176716 Apr 1767Register 6 page 42vViewCountry Gentleman.Country Gentleman's companion. By a country gentleman.Sp Coll Bk2-k.10-11View
Robt GrahamGreek (Greek)N630Handmaid to the ArtsMr Clow30 Mar 176717 Apr 1767Register 6 page 43rViewDossie, Robert.Handmaid to the arts, teaching ... the ... use ... and composition of all ... substances employed in painting ... the several devices employed ... the various manners of gilding, silvering, and bronzing ... and the method of staining ...Sp Coll Bn3-k.9  View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AE1125Harriot Stewart Vol.s 1.st 2dMr Clow15 Apr 176729 Apr 1767Register 6 page 45rViewLennox, Charlotte.Life of Harriot Stuart, written by herselfSp Coll Bk2-k.1-2View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AE1113.14Betsy Thoughtless V. 1.2Mr Cumin21 Apr 17675 May 1767Register 6 page 46rViewHaywood, Eliza Fowler, 1693?-1756.History of Miss Betty [sic Betsy] ThoughtlessSp Coll Bk2-k.6-9View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AE117.8Roderick Random V. 1. 2.dMr Clow23 Apr 176730 Apr 1767Register 6 page 46rViewSmollett, T. (Tobias), 1721-1771.Adventures of Roderick Random ...Sp Coll 300-301View
Robt GrahamGreek (Greek)H71Robertson's Hist of Scot. V. 1Mr Muirhead, Dr Williamson30 Apr 17678 May 1767Register 6 page 47rViewRobertson, William, 1721-1793.History of Scotland, during the reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI. till his accession to the crown of England. With a review of the Scotch history previous to that period; and an appendix containing original papers.Sp Coll Bh5-e.3-4View
Robt GrahamGreek (Greek)CF526Marrow of Modern DivinityMr Clow8 May 176725 May 1767Register 6 page 48rViewFisher, Edward, active 1627-1655.Marrow of modern divinity. The first part, : touching both the covenant of works, and the covenant of grace: with their use and end, both in the time of the Old Testament, and in the time of the New. : Clearly describing the way to eternal life, by Jesus Christ. : In a dialogue betwixt Evangelista, a minister of the Gospel, Nomista, a legalist, Antinomista, an Antinomian, and Neophitus, a young ChristianSp Coll RB 3684  View
Robt GrahamGreek (Greek)AU93Art of AnglingDr Williamson12 May 176721 May 1767Register 6 page 48vViewBrookes, Richard, active 1750.Art of angling, rock and sea-fishing: with the natural history of river, pond, and sea-fish.Sp Coll Bl1-k.20View
Rob.t GrahamGreek (Greek)AT93Bates DispensatoryMr Anderson25 May 17678 Jun 1767Register 6 page 49rViewBate, George, 1608-1669.Pharmacopoeia Bateana: or Bate's dispensatory. Translated from the second edition of the Latin copy ... By William Salmon ...Sp Coll Bk10-i.5  View
Rob.t GrahamLogic (Logic)AU75Sanctorius Medicina StaticaMr Cumin13 Jan 176819 Jan 1768Register 6 page 53vViewSantorio, Santorio, 1561-1636.Medicina statica: being the aphorisms of Sanctorius, translated into English with large explanations. Wherein is given a mechanical account of the animal oeconomy, and of the efficacy of the non-naturals, either in bringing about or removing its disorders: also with an introduction ...Quincy, John, -1722.Sp Coll Bh10-h.6  View
Rob.t GrahamLogic (Logic)AT114Antonius MediMr Muirhead13 Jan 176819 Jan 1768Register 6 page 53vViewMarcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, 121-180.Markou Antoninou tou autokratoros ton eis eauton, biblia b. Marci Antonini Imperatoris, De rebus suis, sive de eis quae ad se pertinere censebat, libri XII. Locis haud paucis repurgati, suppleti, restituti: versione insuper latina nova; lectionibus item variis, locisque parallelis ad marginem adjectis: ac commentario perpetuo explicati atque illustrati. Studio operâque Thomae Gatakeri ...Sp Coll Bn2-i.1  View
Rob.t GrahamLogick (Logic)AI68Morgan on PhysickMr Clow19 Jan 176828 Jan 1768Register 6 page 55rViewMorgan, Thomas, M. D.Mechanical practice of physick: in which the specifick method is examin'd and exploded; and the Bellinian hypothesis of animal secretion and muscular motion, considered and refuted. With some occasional remarks and scholia...Sp Coll Bl8-i.6View
Rob.t GrahamLogic (Logic)AE714Lewis ChemistryMr Muirhead20 Jan 176828 Jan 1768Register 6 page 55rViewLewis, William, 1708-1781.Course of practical chemistry ...Sp Coll Bh9-f.11  View
Rob.t GrahamLogick (Logic)AF819Profily on DiseasesMr Cumin26 Jan 17688 Feb 1768Register 6 page 55vViewProfily, John.Easy and exact method of curing the venereal disease in all its different appearances: : With an account of its nature, causes, and symptoms: Demonstrated by way of dialogue between physician and patient, for the use and introduction of all unfortunate persons who may labour under that disorder.Sp Coll Bk1-g.18  View
Robt GrahamLogick (Logic)AT74Practice of Physick 2VMr Muirhead[blank]8 Feb 1768Register 6 page 56vViewShaw, Peter, 1694-1763.New practice of physic ... The whole formed on the mould of Dr. Sydenham's ...Sp Coll Bl1-g.5-6View
Robt GrahamLogick (Logic)AS42Weston StenographyDr Williamson5 Feb 176822 Feb 1768Register 6 page 57rViewWeston, James.Stenography compleated, or the art of short-hand brought to perfection ...Sp Coll Bl1-f.11  View
Robt GrahamLogic (Logic)BU34.5Millers Gardeners Diction. V.1.2.Mr Clow, Mr Anderson8 Feb 17689 Feb 1768Register 6 page 57vViewMiller, Philip, 1691-1771.Gardeners dictionary ...Sp Coll Bi4-c.5-6View
Rob.t GrahamLogick (Logic)AH54Trilerae ThesaurusMr Clow9 Feb 176815 Feb 1768Register 6 page 57vViewTriller, Daniel Wilhelm.Dispensatorium pharmaceuticum universale sive thesaurus medicamentorum tam simplicium quam compositorum locupletissimus ... variis observationibus practicis selectioribus instructus ...Sp Coll Bn10-g.14,15
Rob.t GrahamLogick (Logic)AM68EpictetusMr Clow15 Feb 176829 Feb 1768Register 6 page 58rViewSimplicius, of Cilicia.Commentarius in Enchiridion Epicteti, ex libris vveteribus emendatus. Cum versione Hieronymi Wolfii, et Cl. Salmasii animadversionibus, et notis quibus philosophia Stoica passim explicatur, et illustratur.Sp Coll Bn7-i.18  
Rob.t GrahamLogic (Logic)AE127Tom Jones Vol.s 1. 2.dMr Clow22 Feb 176825 Feb 1768Register 6 page 59rViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.History of Tom Jones, a foundlingSp Coll Bk1-k.1-6View
Rob.t GrahamLogic (Logic)AE1113Betsy Thoughtless 4 VolsMr Clow23 Feb 176816 Mar 1768Register 6 page 59vViewHaywood, Eliza Fowler, 1693?-1756.History of Miss Betty [sic Betsy] ThoughtlessSp Coll Bk2-k.6-9View
Robt GrahamLogic (Logic)AE129Tom. Jones Vol.s 3.4Mr Clow25 Feb 17681 Mar 1768Register 6 page 59vViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.History of Tom Jones, a foundlingSp Coll Bk1-k.1-6View
Robt GrahamLogic (Logic)AE1212Tom Jones 2VMr Clow1 Mar 17682 Mar 1768Register 6 page 60rViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.History of Tom Jones, a foundlingSp Coll Bk1-k.1-6View
Rob.t GrahamLogic (Logic)N620ElabratoryMr Clow2 Mar 176816 Mar 1768Register 6 page 60rViewDossie, Robert.Elaboratory laid open, or, the secrets of modern chemistry and pharmacy revealed ...Sp Coll Bk10-f.12  View
Rob.t GrahamLogic (Logic)AE111Medical Essays Vol 1stMr Hamilton29 Mar 17684 Apr 1768Register 6 page 62rViewPhilosophical Society of Edinburgh.Medical essays and observations, published by a Society in Edinburgh.Sp Coll Bl10-k.9-14View
Rob: GrahamEthic (Ethics)CE420Derham's Phys TheologyDr Reid31 Mar 176814 Apr 1768Register 6 page 62rViewDerham, William, 1657-1735.Physico-theology: : or, a demonstration of the being and attributes of God, from his works of creation. : Being the substance of sixteen sermons preached in St. Mary-le-Bow-Church, London; at the Honourable Mr. Boyle's lectures, in the years 1711 and 1712. : With large notes, and many curious observations / by W. Derham.Sp Coll RB 3331  View
Rob.t GrahamLogick (Logic)T426Hop's Minor practicksDr Moor31 Aug 176814 Sep 1768Register 6 page 64vViewHope, Thomas, Sir, -1646.Minor practicks, or, a treatise of the Scottish law. Composed by ... Sir Thomas Hope ... To which is subjoined, A discourse on the rise and progress of the law of Scotland [by Alexander Bayne]: and An alphabetical abridgment of the Acts of Sederunt …Sp Coll 2540View
Rob.t GrahamLogic (Logic)T430.31Swintons AbridgementMr Moor14 Sep 176828 Sep 1768Register 6 page 64vViewSwinton, John Swinton, Lord, -1799.Abridgement of the public statutes in force and use relative to Scotland, from the Union ... to the twenty-seventh year of ... George IISp Coll Bl8-g.14,15View
Rob.t GrahamEthic (Ethics)AS716Rouppe De Morb: NavigautumDr Reid11 Nov 176824 Nov 1768Register 6 page 65vViewRouppe, Louis.De morbis navigantium, liber unus. Accedit observatio de effectu extracti cicutae Storkiano in cancro.Sp Coll Bi1-f.16