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StudentClassPressShelfNumberLine EntryProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedRegister / PageLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
Pat SalmondPhysic (Physic)AG15Brough on H NatureMr Anderson, Mr Clow7 Nov 177021 Nov 1770Register 6 page 88rViewBroughton, John, 1673 or 4-1720.Psychologia: or, An account of the nature of the rational soul. In two parts. The first, being an essay towards establishing the received doctrine, of an immaterial and consequently immortal substance, united to human body, upon sufficient grounds of reason. The second, a vindication of that receiv'd and establish'd doctrine, against a late book, call'd, Second thoughts, &c ...Sp Coll RB 3799  View
Pat SalmondPhysic (Physic)AO121Puffendorph Cum NotisMr Anderson28 Nov 177010 Dec 1770Register 6 page 88vViewPufendorf, Samuel, Freiherr von, 1632-1694.De officio hominis et civis, juxta legem naturalem libri duo. Editio nova, aucta observationibus et supplementis, academicae institutions causa adjectis a Gerschomo Carmichael ...Carmichael, Gershom.Sp Coll Bh10-l.16  View
Pat: SalmondPhysic (Physic)AF723Preceptor V 2dMr Anderson14 Dec 177019 Dec 1770Register 6 page 89rViewDodsley, Robert, 1703-1764.Preceptor : containing a general course of education. Wherein the first principles of polite learning are laid down in a way most suitable for trying the genius, and advancing the instruction of youth. In twelve parts, illustrated with mapss and useful cuts.Sp Coll Bk3-g.1-2View
Pat: SalmondPhysic (Physic)B34Ferguson's EssayMr Anderson, Mr Reid19 Dec 17703 Jan 1771Register 6 page 89rViewFerguson, Adam, 1723-1816.Essay on the history of civil society.Sp Coll Bm7-f.14  View