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StudentClassPressShelfNumberLine EntryProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedRegister / PageLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
(N/A)May 12.th 1757 / Inspected by Ja. MoorRegister 2 page 5rN/AN/AN/A
(N/A)May 17.th 1757 / Inspected by J. MoorRegister 2 page 5vN/AN/AN/A
(N/A)Monday May 23d 1757 / Inspected, and judg that Harris' Voyages / on account of its very bad condition, ought / not for the future to be lent out to the younger / student [sic], without the Subscription of three Masters/ Ja. MoorN/ARegister 2 page 5vN/AN/AN/A
(N/A)June 1.st 1757 / Inspected by Ja. Moor. / June 6.th 1757 / Inspected. Judges that the volumes of Grae- / vius' Cicero which contains the Offices / ought not to go at all out of the Library / till it be rebound, being in very bad case / Ja. MooN/ARegister 2 page 6rN/AN/AN/A
(N/A)Inspected June 11.th 1757. / proposed that no volume of Any pe- / riodical Book, consisting of a great / number of Volumes, such as the Phi- / losophical Transactions, Acta Lipsice / Memoires de L'Accedmie Royale de / Sciences, be lN/ARegister 2 page 6rN/AN/AN/A
Robert C (N/A)[blank - entry appears on next line]Register 2 page 7vN/AN/AN/A
(N/A)Inspected Nov.r 21.st / appointed all Books lent out, except to / Masters, to be called in against Satur- / day next Ex to Ja. Moor.N/ARegister 2 page 9rN/AN/AN/A
[blank][blank] ([blank])[blank][blank][blank]Academy de Belles Letteres vols 7 & 2Dr Leechman24 Dec 1757Register 2 page 11rN/AN/AN/A
[blank]Natural (Natural Philosophy)BA91Simson's Conic SectionsRegister 2 page 12vN/AN/AN/A
(N/A)College - Library Feb. 13.th 1758 / Inspected & Revised the Whole from the / beginning. Approved of the Library - / keepers care and attention; recom- / mended to him to desire Rob. Rainey / to take the trouble of renewing his / noN/ARegister 2 page 14vN/AN/AN/A
(N/A)Appointed; that Whereas Robert / Buchanan, formerly Robert Leny, / student of Theology, has not complyed / with the Rules fo the Library, but re- / mains Debtor for the use of a good / Many books which he has got out / several timesN/ARegister 2 page 15rN/AN/AN/A
___________Logic (Logic)AQ75[blank - entry appears on next line]Register 2 page 15vN/AN/AN/A
William McGill (N/A)[blank]Register 2 page 16rN/AN/AN/A
[blank]Natural (Natural Philosophy)BA12[blank - entry appears on next line]Register 2 page 24vN/AN/AN/A
John Pinkerton (N/A)[blank - entry appears on next line]Register 2 page 25rN/AN/AN/A
James Pinkerton (N/A)[blank - entry appears on next line]Register 2 page 25vN/AN/AN/A
[blank]Theology (Theology)AM61Aristotelis Ethica[blank][blank][blank]Register 2 page 25vViewAristotle.Opera omnia quae exstant, Graece et Latine…Sp Coll Bi5-a.3-4
[blank]Theology (Theology)C[blank - entry appears on next line]Register 2 page 27rN/AN/AN/A
[blank]Natural (Natural Philosophy)A112: 13[blank - entry appears on next line]Register 2 page 27vN/AN/AN/A
[blank]Typemaker (Typemaker)AZ71Philosophical Transactions vols. 2:Dr Simson, Dr Black, Mr Anderson26 Dec 175812 Jan 1759Register 2 page 28vViewRoyal Society of London.Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London.Sp Coll Co.1.1-22View
[blank]Natural (Natural Philosophy)AZ52Musshenbrooks Physicks[blank][see next line]Register 2 page 32rViewMusschenbroek, Pieter Van.Essai de physique / par Mr. Pierre van Musschenbroek ... avec une description de nouvelles sortes de machines pneumatiques, et un recueil d'expériences par Mr. J.V.M. Traduit du hollandois par Mr. Pierre Massuet.Sp Coll 590-591
Samuel BarberTheology (Theology)BN24Du Pins HisRegister 2 page 32vN/AN/AN/A
S. BillingsleyTheologie (Theology)Register 2 page N/AN/AN/A
[blank]Theology (Theology)AV61.5[blank - entry appears on next line]Register 2 page 39vN/AN/AN/A
[blank]Greek (Greek)AI815Pindar's works in 4toRegister 2 page 40rN/AN/AN/A
Duncan Bayne (N/A)Register 2 page 40rN/AN/AN/A
John RamsayNaturall (Natural Philosophy)[blank]Register 2 page 41rN/AN/AN/A
[blank] (N/A)Dr SimsonRegister 2 page 43vN/AN/AN/A
[blank]Theology (Theology)CC311Burnet ArticlesMr Buchanan[blank][blank]Register 2 page 43vViewBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.Exposition of the Thirty-nine articles of the Church of EnglandSp Coll Bk10-d.1View
[blank]Theology (Theology)A28[blank - entry appears on next line]Register 2 page 45rN/AN/AN/A
[blank]Natural (Natural Philosophy)CE423Keils Physics, , 16 Jan 1760Register 2 page 45vViewKeill, John, 1671-1721.Introductio ad veram physicam: seu lectiones physicae ... Quibus accedunt theorematum Hugeniorum de vi centrifuga et motu circulari demonstrationes ...Sp Coll Bm3-g.8  View
Natural (Natural Philosophy)AB41.2ChaRegister 2 page 49vN/AN/AN/A
(N/A)W Volumes wanting to complete the Books / Burnets History of the Refomation vol. 3d / Biographia Britanica only the three first vols / Popes Odyssey vol 3d / Rollins Roman History only the two first vols / Tho Clark TN/ARegister 2 page 54rN/AN/AN/A
(N/A)Professors Name / Press Shelf N.o Name of the Book / Day when taken out  / day when returned / Clarks Sermons 2 vol. Do on Cale 1 Vol, Virgil, Horace / a Book from Station hall, Lives of the Philosophers. / Stanley, Marci MeN/ARegister 2 page 54vN/AN/AN/A
[blank]Logic (Logic)AP63Rapins History Vol: 3dDr Moor, , 25 Mar 1765[blank]Register 3 page 55rViewRapin-Thoyras, Paul de, 1661-1725.History of England [as well ecclesiastical as civil].Sp Coll Bm2-g.1-18View
(N/A)[page with fragmentary and/or crossed out notes about borrowings dated 1762 and 1763]Register 3 page N/AN/AN/A
(N/A)Register 3 page N/AN/AN/A
(N/A)Register 3 page N/AN/AN/A
(N/A)[Slip note inserted: 'Given to Robert General [?] one vol of the Royal Acc. De Sci, for the 45.'Register 3 page N/AN/AN/A
(N/A)[blank page]Register 3 page N/AN/AN/A
(N/A)[page of crossed out notes - this may be easier to made sense of in the original.]Register 3 page N/AN/AN/A
(N/A)[page of scribbles dated 1762 and 1763]Register 3 page N/AN/AN/A
(N/A)[back cover]Register 3 page N/AN/AN/A
[blank][blank] ([blank])[blank][blank][blank]Halyburton ag.t DeismMr Muirhead[blank][blank]Register 6 page 87vN/AN/AN/A
[blank]Divin (Divinity)AR61Rapins History 2 Vols[blank][blank][blank]Register 6 page 88rN/AN/AN/A