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Willm McDowallEthic (Ethics)AR515Bossuets Universal HistoryMr Cumin6 Dec 17651 Jan 1766Register 6 page 4rViewBossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704. [Bp of Meaux]Discourse on the history of the whole world, : dedicated to His Royal Highness the Dauphin. And explicating the continuance of religion with the changes of states and empires; from the Creation till the reign of Charles the Great (London, [1686])Sp Coll Bi3-k.5  View
Will: Mcdowall[blank] ([blank])BB17Memoirs de L'Academie des SciencesMr Cumin6 Feb 17665 May 1766Register 6 page 9rViewAcadémie Royale des sciences (Paris)Histoire de l'Académie Royale des sciences avec les mémoires de mathématique et physique.Sp Coll HS 288-394
Will: McDowall[blank] ([blank])CC515Turks History Vol 1.stMr Cumin24 Feb 176615 May 1766Register 6 page 10rViewJones, D. (David), active 1676-1720.Compleat history of the Turks, from their origin in the year 755 to the year 1718 ... Collected not only from the best European, but also from Oriental authors, never hitherto published in English.Sp Coll Bi2-h.1-4View
Will: McDowall[blank] ([blank])L56Popes Homers Iliad Vol 1stMr Cumin14 Apr 17663 Oct 1766Register 6 page 14vViewHomer.Iliad of HomerPope, Alexander, 1688-1744.Sp Coll Bk3-c.7-12View
Will: McDowallNat P. (Natural Philosophy)AE619Bolingbroke on Hist: Vol 1stMr Cumin17 Nov 176612 Jan 1767Register 6 page 21vViewBolingbroke, Henry St. John, Viscount, 1678-1751.Letters on the study and use of historySp Coll Bm10-g.14,15View
Will: McDowallNat: (Natural Philosophy)BY38Hugonis SempiliiMr Anderson5 Dec 17668 Dec 1766Register 6 page 25rViewSemple, Hugh, 1594-1654.Hugonis Sempilii Craigbaitaei Scoti e Societate Iesu De mathematicis disciplinis libri duodecim : ad Philippum IV. Hispaniarum et Indiarum regem Catholicum.Sp Coll Bm4-d.9  
Will: McDowallNat. (Natural Philosophy)AE619Bolingbroke on Hist: Vol 1stMr Cumin12 Jan 176727 Jan 1767Register 6 page 29rViewBolingbroke, Henry St. John, Viscount, 1678-1751.Letters on the study and use of historySp Coll Bm10-g.14,15View
Will: McDowallNat: (Natural Philosophy)AB412Musschenbroke Vol 1.stMr Anderson4 Feb 176714 Feb 1767Register 6 page 32vViewMusschenbroek, Pieter Van.Introductio ad philosophiam naturalemSp Coll Bn2-f.14-15
Will: McDowallNat: (Natural Philosophy)AU63Cotes HydrostaticsMr Anderson4 Feb 176714 Feb 1767Register 6 page 32vViewCotes, Roger, 1682-1716.Hydrostatical and pneumatical lectures ... published with notes by ... Robert Smith, LL.D.Smith, Robert, 1689-1768.Sp Coll Bk1-h.18  View
Will: McdowallLaw (Law)AB418Translation of InstitutaMr Muirhead3 Feb 17681 Mar 1768Register 6 page 56vViewJustinian I, Emperor of the East, 483?-565.Institutionum libri quatuor. - The four books of Justinian's Institutions, translated into English with notes, by George Harris, LL.DHarris, George, 1722-1796.Sp Coll Bh10-e.17  View
Will: McdowallLaw (Law)P75.6.7Belidor architect 3 Vol.sDr Williamson9 Feb 176821 Apr 1768Register 6 page 57vViewBelidor, M. (Bernard Forest de), 1697?-1761.Architecture hydraulique, ou l'art de conduire, délever, et de ménager les eaux...Sp Coll Bl1-e.1-4
Will: McdowallLaw (Law)AD104Heinecii Opera V 4.thMr Miller21 Oct 176823 Dec 1768Register 6 page 65rViewHeineccius, Johann Gottlieb, 1681-1741.Operum ad universam juris prudentiam, philosophiam et litteras humaniores pertinentium tom[i octo]Sp Coll Bl9-f.1-17
Will: McdowallLaw (Law)S69Sibald's S. IllustrataMr Miller6 Apr 17695 May 1769Register 6 page 76rViewSibbald, Robert, Sir, 1641-1722.Scotia illustrata sive prodromus historiae naturalis ... Cum [22] figuris aeneis ...Sp Coll Bk9-a.12  View
Will: McdowallLaw (Law)N420Oeuvres De Maupterius V 1stMr Millar25 Apr 17695 May 1769Register 6 page 77rViewMaupertuis, 1698-1759.Oeuvres.Sp Coll Bi1-h.5-8