Eighteenth-Century Borrowing from the University of Glasgow

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StudentClassPressShelfNumberLine EntryProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
James TrailLogic (Logic)AE103Tragedies Vol. 3.Dr Traill23 Jul 176613 Aug 1766Tragedies.[Tragedies.]
Ja.s HazlittEthic (Ethics)AI41Livy Vol 1.stMr Muirhead23 Jul 176621 Nov 1766ViewLivy.Historium libri qui extant. Interpretatione et notis illustravit Joannes Dujatius ... in usum ... Delphini. Accessere librorum omnium deperditorum supplementa, per Jo. FreinshemiumSp Coll Bn5-e.8-13
Geo. DavidsonGreek (Greek)AU516Natural History of y.e EarthDr Traill23 Jul 176630 Jul 1766ViewWoodward, John, 1665-1728.Natural history of the earth, illustrated, and inlarged; as also defended, and the objectons against it, particularly those lately publish'd by Dr Camerarius, answered / written originally in Latin by John Woodward ... and now first made English by Benj. Holloway ...Sp Coll Bi1-h.2View
Robt DuncanGreek (Greek)A56Ciceronis Opera Vol 1.stMr Anderson23 Jul 176630 Jul 1766ViewCicero, Marcus Tullius.Opera, cum delectu commentariorum, in usum ... Delphini. Editio secunda emendatissima (Geneva, 1743-1746)Olivet, Pierre-Joseph Thoulier, abbé d', 1682-1768.Sp Coll Bn1-h.7-15
Hen: StevensonDivinity (Divinity)BV517.18Dampiers Voyages Vols 1.2dMr Muirhead23 Jul 176628 Jul 1766ViewDampier, William, Captain.New voyage round the world.Sp Coll Bl3-h.21,22View
John TretyakoffLaw (Law)AR41.2History Viscount Turrence (Vols. 1.2dMr Millar23 Jul 176630 Jul 1766ViewRamsay, Andrew Michael.History of Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne, Viscount de Turenne ...Sp Coll Bl1-g.1,2View
John TretyakoffLaw (Law)AR47History of Denmark & SwedenMr Millar23 Jul 176630 Jul 1766ViewMolesworth, Robert, 1st Viscount, 1656-1725.Account of Denmark, as it was in the year 1692.Sp Coll Bl9-i.16View
Hen: StevensonDivinity (Divinity)AF94Life of Cardinal Wolsey ( 2 & 3 Vol 1.stMr Muirhead28 Jul 176617 Nov 1766ViewFiddes, Richard, 1671-1725.Life of Cardinal WolseySp Coll Bh2-c.2  View
Hen StevensonDivinity (Divinity)AU43Monthly Review 1750Mr Muirhead28 Jul 176617 Nov 1766ViewMonthly Review.Monthly Review (London).Library Research Annexe Store Pm4691View
Hen StevensonDivinity (Divinity)M338Virgili OperaMr Muirhead28 Jul 176622 Aug 1766Virgil.[Opera]
Hen StevensonDivinity (Divinity)CF35Robertsons ThesaurusMr Muirhead28 Jul 176620 Nov 1766ViewRobertson, William, -1686?.Thesaurus Graece, in epitomen ... redactus; et alphabetice ... reseratus ...Sp Coll Bn6-g.7  View
Hen StevensonDivin: (Divinity)BR51Guicciardini's Hist: D'ItaliaMr Muirhead28 Jul 176620 Nov 1766ViewGuicciardini, Francesco, 1483-1540.Della istoria d'Italia ... libri XX. [Colla Vita dell'autore, scritta dal Sig. Domenico Maria Manni ...] -Delle considerationi di Giambatista Leoni sopra l'Istoria ... libri VISp Coll Bh1-a.4-5
Hen StevensonDivin: (Divinity)CQ25Fenton's Translation of GuiciardiniMr Muirhead28 Jul 176620 Nov 1766ViewGuicciardini, Francesco, 1483-1540.Historie of Guicciardin: containing the warres of Italie and other partes, continued for manie yeares under sundrie kings and princes, together with the variations and accidents of the same ... Reduced into English by Geffray FentonFenton, GeffraySp Coll Bn6-c.7View
Hen: FootLogic (Logic)B101Xenoph Memorab:Mr Muirhead30 Jul 176613 Aug 1766ViewXenophon.Opera quae extant omnia; unà cum chronologiâa Xenophonteâ cl. Dodwelli, et quatuor tabulis geographicis. [Edidit Eduardus Wells] / [Xenophon].Wells, Edward, 1667-1727.Sp Coll Bi2-g.19-23View
Andrew ThomsonLogic (Logic)AF72Preceptor Vol 1.stMr Muirhead30 Jul 176613 Aug 1766ViewDodsley, Robert, 1703-1764.Preceptor : containing a general course of education. Wherein the first principles of polite learning are laid down in a way most suitable for trying the genius, and advancing the instruction of youth. In twelve parts, illustrated with mapss and useful cuts.Sp Coll Bk3-g.1-2View
Alexr ChalmersGreek (Greek)AI55Hederici LexiconMr Muirhead30 Jul 176613 Aug 1766ViewHederich, Benjamin, 1675-1748.Lexicon manuale Graecum ... in tres partes, videlicet hermeneuticam, analyticam, et syntheticam, divisum ... Recensitum et plurimum auctum à Sam. Patrick.Sp Coll Bn2-g.12  View
Kenneth CampbellDivinity (Divinity)AP413Abernethys SermonsMr Cumin30 Jul 17666 Aug 1766ViewAbernethy, John, 1680-1740.Discourses concerning the being and ... perfections of God ...Sp Coll Bk3-g.3-4View
Will. MureLogic (Logic)AV417.18Life of Clarendon Vol.s 1 & 2.dMr Muirhead30 Jul 176620 Aug 1766ViewClarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674.Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon, Lord High Chancellor of England ... Containing, I. An account of the Chancellor's life from his birth to the Restoration in 1660. II. A continuation of the same, and of his History of the grand rebellion, from the Restoration to his banishment in 1667. Written by himselSp Coll Bl8-h.16-18View
Wm TrailDivinity (Divinity)AB46Simsons Euclid EnglishDr Traill30 Jul 17661 Aug 1766ViewEuclid.Elements of Euclid, : viz. the first six books, together with the eleventh and twelfth. In this edition, the errors, by which Theon, or others, have long ago vitiated these books, are corrected, and some of Euclid's Demonstrations are restored.Simson, Robert, 1687-1768.Sp Coll Bh10-e.13View
Alexr Buchanan[blank] ([blank])AR81Rollins Method Vol 1stMr Muirhead30 Jul 176610 Sep 1766ViewRollin, Charles, 1661-1741.Method of teaching and studying the belles lettres ... With reflections on taste; and instructions with regard to the eloquence of the pulpit, the bar and the stage. The whole illustrated with passages from ... poets and orators ... with critical remarks on them ... Translated from the French.Sp Coll Bk9-h.13-16View
John TretyakoffLaw (Law)AV718.19Annales PolitiqueMr Millar30 Jul 17663 Sep 1766ViewCastel, Charles-Irenée, Abbé de St. Pierre.Annales politiquesSp Coll Bh1-k.22-23View
Geo: DavidsonGreek (Greek)AU41Monthly Review 1749Mr Muirhead30 Jul 176620 Aug 1766ViewMonthly Review.Monthly Review (London).Library Research Annexe Store Pm4691View
Joseph HodgsonLogic (Logic)AT69Cheseldens AnatomyMr Clow30 Jul 176620 Aug 1766ViewCheselden, William, 1688-1752.Anatomy of the human bodySp Coll Bl14-d.15  View
Hen StevensonDivinity (Divinity)AE619.20Bolingbroke on History Vol.s 1.2dMr Muirhead30 Jul 176628 Nov 1766ViewBolingbroke, Henry St. John, Viscount, 1678-1751.Letters on the study and use of historySp Coll Bm10-g.14,15View
Hen: StevensonDivinity (Divinity)BR110Crawfords History of y.e Stewart FamilyMr Muirhead5 Aug 176619 Aug 1766ViewCrawfurd, George, -1748.Genealogical history of the royal and illustrious family of the Stewarts, from the year 1034 to the year 1710 ...; to which are prefixed ... a general description of the shire of Renfrew ... and ... a deduction of the noble and ancient families, proprietors there for upwards of 400 years ...Sp Coll f277  View
Timy ClarkeAnat. (Anatomy)AE62Fieldings Miscell. Vol 2dMr Hamilton6 Aug 176618 Oct 1766ViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.Miscellanies.Sp Coll Bl10-f.5-7View
Hen StevensonLogic (Logic)BA46Simsons EuclidDr Traill6 Aug 176624 Sep 1766ViewEuclid.Elements of Euclid, : viz. the first six books, together with the eleventh and twelfth. In this edition, the errors, by which Theon, or others, have long ago vitiated these books, are corrected, and some of Euclid's Demonstrations are restored.Simson, Robert, 1687-1768.Sp Coll Bh10-e.13View
Willm BurnsideLogic (Logic)E210Pindarus cum VersioneMr Muirhead6 Aug 176620 Aug 1766ViewPindar.Pindari Olympia, Nemea, Pythia, Isthmia. Una cum Latina omnium versione carmine lyrico per Nicolaum Sudorium.Sudorius, Nicolaus.Sp Coll Bl7-c.14  View
Kenneth CampbellDivinity (Divinity)CC23Stillingfleets origines SacreMr Cumin6 Aug 17663 Sep 1766ViewStillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699.Origines sacrae: or, a rational account of the grounds of natural and reveal'd religionSp Coll Bh8-d.12View
George DavidsonGreek (Greek)AE117.8Roderick Random Vols. 1 & 2Mr Muirhead6 Aug 176619 Aug 1766ViewSmollett, T. (Tobias), 1721-1771.Adventures of Roderick Random ...Sp Coll 300-301View
Ja.s SmithGreek (Greek)AI56Homers IliadMr Muirhead6 Aug 176627 Oct 1766ViewHomer.Homērou Ilias kai Odysseia kai eis autas scholia, ē exēgēsis, tōn palaiōn. : Homeri Ilias & Odyssea, et in easdem scholia, sive interpretatio, veterum. Item notæ perpetuæ, in textum & scholia, variae lectiones, &c. cum versione latina emendatissimâ. Accedunt Batrachomyomachia, Hymni & Epigrammata, unà cum Fragmentis, & gemini indices ... / Operâ, studio, & impensis, Josuae BarnesBarnes, Joshua, 1654-1712.Sp Coll Bn8-g.11,12View
Robert DuncanGreek (Greek)AR66Rollins History Vols 1 & 2dMr Muirhead6 Aug 176619 Aug 1766ViewRollin, Charles, 1661-1741.Antient history of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Macedonians, and Grecians. Translated from the French.Sp Coll Bk9-h.1-12View
John Tester [?]Logic (Logic)CD44Taciti OperaPrincipall [sic]12 Aug 176618 Nov 1766ViewTacitus, Cornelius.Opera, quae exstant ... [variorum] commentariis illustrata. Joh. Fred. Gronovius recensuit, et suas notas passim adjecit. Accedunt Jacobi Gronovii excerpta ex variis lectionibus MS. OxoniensiSp Coll Bk2-i.21-22

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