Eighteenth-Century Borrowing from the University of Glasgow

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StudentClassPressShelfNumberLine EntryProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
Rob.t ReidGreek (Greek)AR68Rappin's History V 8Dr Moor18 Apr 176924 Apr 1769ViewRapin-Thoyras, Paul de, 1661-1725.History of England [as well ecclesiastical as civil].Sp Coll Bm2-g.1-18View
Wilm GilmourDivin (Divinity)AN32Lardner's Credibility V 1stDr Reid18 Apr 176925 Apr 1769ViewLardner, Nathaniel.Credibility of the Gospel historySp Coll Bn2-k.6-22View
David DicksonEthic (Ethics)AU93Art of AnglingDr Williamson18 Apr 17694 May 1769ViewBrookes, Richard, active 1750.Art of angling, rock and sea-fishing: with the natural history of river, pond, and sea-fish.Sp Coll Bl1-k.20View
James HairPhysic (Physic)AU415Review V 15Mr Anderson18 Apr 17693 May 1769ViewMonthly Review.Monthly Review (London).Library Research Annexe Store Pm4691View
Joseph HodgsonDivin (Divinity)CF41Heb BibleMr Clow18 Apr 176919 Apr 1769[N/A]Hebrew Bible
Ja:s WharrieLogick (Logic)N63EpigoniadMr Clow19 Apr 17692 May 1769ViewWilkie, William.Epigoniad: a poem in nine books.Sp Coll Bl2-k.21  View
Rich: AllanGreek (Greek)AE127Tom Jones V 1.stDr Moor19 Apr 176924 Apr 1769ViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.History of Tom Jones, a foundlingSp Coll Bk1-k.1-6View
John JamiesonPhysic (Physic)AS68Thomson's Works V 2dMr Clow20 Apr 17693 May 1769ViewThomson, James, 1700-1748.Works of Mr. Thomson.Sp Coll Bm1-g.12-13View
Phil: JohnsonEthic (Ethics)AR53Gor: Tacitus V 1stDr Trail20 Apr 17693 May 1769ViewTacitus, Cornelius.Works of Tacitus ... [Translated by Thomas Gordon]. To which are prefixed, political discourses upon that author.Gordon, Thomas, -1750.Sp Coll Bi1-g.19-21View
Dav. BrownLogick (Logic)CE428Derham Ph: TheologyMr Clow20 Apr 17694 May 1769ViewDerham, William, 1657-1735.Physico-theology: : or, a demonstration of the being and attributes of God, from his works of creation. : Being the substance of sixteen sermons preached in St. Mary-le-Bow-Church, London; at the Honourable Mr. Boyle's lectures, in the years 1711 and 1712. : With large notes, and many curious observations / by W. Derham.Sp Coll RB 3331  View
Rich: AllanGreek (Greek)AE128Tom Jones V 2dDr Moor24 Apr 17694 May 1769ViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.History of Tom Jones, a foundlingSp Coll Bk1-k.1-6View
Rob ReidGreek (Greek)AR69Rappin's History V 9Dr Moor24 Apr 17698 May 1769ViewRapin-Thoyras, Paul de, 1661-1725.History of England [as well ecclesiastical as civil].Sp Coll Bm2-g.1-18View
John GilmourGreek (Greek)AE127Tom Jones V 1.stDr Moor24 Apr 176927 Apr 1769ViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.History of Tom Jones, a foundlingSp Coll Bk1-k.1-6View
Pat SamondEthic (Ethics)AU517Husbandry V 1stDr Williamson24 Apr 176926 Apr 1769ViewMortimer, John, F.R.S.Whole art of husbandry, or, The way of managing and improving of land ...Sp Coll Bl9-h.17,18View
Jos:a McGeoughPhysic (Physic)N96Nollets Works V 6Mr Anderson24 Apr 17693 May 1769ViewNollet, abbé (Jean Antoine), 1700-1770.Leçons de physique expérimentale.Sp Coll Bm9-k.15-20
Pat. MaxwellDivin (Divinity)Y55Cud: System V 1.stMr Reid, Mr Muirhead, Mr Clow24 Apr 17693 May 1769ViewCudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688.True intellectual system of the universe: the first part: wherein, all the reason and philosophy of Atheism is confuted; and its impossibility demonstratedSp Coll Bl8-d.9View
James HallGreek (Greek)AS95Lithgow TravelsMr Clow25 Apr 176910 May 1769ViewLithgow, William, 1582-1645?.Totall discourse, of the rare aduentures, and painefull peregrinations of long nineteene yeares trauayles, from Scotland, to the most famous kingdomes in Europe, Asia, and Affrica.Sp Coll Bk1-l.1View
Colquhoun SmithGreek (Greek)AR62Rappin: History V 2dMr Muirhead25 Apr 17695 May 1769ViewRapin-Thoyras, Paul de, 1661-1725.History of England [as well ecclesiastical as civil].Sp Coll Bm2-g.1-18View
Will DicksonEthic (Ethics)AF723Preceptor V 2dDr Reid25 Apr 176912 May 1769ViewDodsley, Robert, 1703-1764.Preceptor : containing a general course of education. Wherein the first principles of polite learning are laid down in a way most suitable for trying the genius, and advancing the instruction of youth. In twelve parts, illustrated with mapss and useful cuts.Sp Coll Bk3-g.1-2View
Arch:d SmithGreek (Greek)AT24Mod: Un: History V 20Mr Muirhead25 Apr 17693 May 1769ViewModern Universal History.Modern part of an universal history, from the earliest account of time.Sp Coll Bl10-g.18,19; Sp Coll Bl10-h.1-20; Sp Coll Bl10-i.1-22; Sp Coll Bl10-i.1-22View
Jas WardropGreek (Greek)AO41Sir Ch Grandison V 1.stMr Muirhead25 Apr 17695 May 1769ViewRichardson, Samuel, 1689-1761.History of Sir Charles Grandison. In a series of letters published from the originals / by the editor of Pamela and Clarissa.Sp Coll 1047-1052View
Willm ReidLogick (Logic)AS42W. Short-handMr Clow25 Apr 17693 May 1769ViewWeston, James.Stenography compleated, or the art of short-hand brought to perfection ...Sp Coll Bl1-f.11  View
John BellPhysic (Physic)BA12A View of N: PhilosophyDr Reid, Dr Williamson25 Apr 176919 May 1769ViewPemberton, Henry.View of Sir Isaac Newton's philosophy.Sp Coll Bi10-e.4  View
Will. GilmourDivin (Divinity)CC210Tillotson's Sermon's V 1.stMr Trail, Mr Wight, Mr Reid25 Apr 17698 May 1769ViewTillotson, John, 1630-1694.Works of John Tillotson, D.D., containing all the sermons and treatises that were published by himself.Sp Coll Bm10-c.9  View
Rob.t MillerPhysic (Physic)AE714Lewis ChemistryMr Anderson25 Apr 17698 May 1769ViewLewis, William, 1708-1781.Course of practical chemistry ...Sp Coll Bh9-f.11  View
Will: McdowallLaw (Law)N420Oeuvres De Maupterius V 1stMr Millar25 Apr 17695 May 1769ViewMaupertuis, 1698-1759.Oeuvres.Sp Coll Bi1-h.5-8
Rob: FindlayMin.r (Minister)CK518Wagginsile V 2dDr Reid25 Apr 176918 May 1769ViewWagenseil, Johann Christoph, 1633-1705.Tela ignea Satanæ; hoc est: arcani, et horribiles Judæorum adversus Christvm Devm, et Christianam religionem libri Anekdotoi ... Additæ sunt Latinæ interpretationes, et dvplex confvtatio ... Accedit mantissa de LXX. hebdomadibus Danielis; adversus ... Johannis Marshami ... novam et incommodam earundem explicationemSp Coll Bl3-f.16,17
Jas HoggLogick (Logic)A89Epictetus Arian &cMr Clow26 Apr 176927 Apr 1769ViewEpictetus.Epicteti quae supersunt dissertationes ab Arriano collectae nec non Enchiridion et fragmenta Graecè et Latinè in duos tomos distributa cum integris Jacobi Schegkii et Hieronymi Wolfii selectisque aliorum doctorum annotationibus. Recensuit, notis et indice illustravit Joannes Uptonus.Upton, John, 1707-1760.Sp Coll Bk2-g.7-8View

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