Eighteenth-Century Borrowing from the University of Glasgow

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StudentClassPressShelfNumberLine EntryProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
Daniel McfarlaneN. P (Natural Philosophy)CM31Harris Lexicon Vol.s 1. 2.dDr Williamson, Mr Anderson, Mr Muirhead19 Feb 176829 Mar 1768ViewHarris, John, 1677?-1719.Lexicon technicum: or, an universal dictionary of arts and sciences: explaining not only the terms of art, but the arts themselves.Sp Coll Bm2-d.14-15View
Pat SamondLogick (Logic)AF1024AnacreonMr Clow19 Feb 17687 Mar 1768Anacreon.[Works.]
John McmathLogick (Logic)AF715Watson's HoraceMr Clow19 Feb 17687 Mar 1768Horace.Odes, epodes, and carmen seculare of Horace, translated into English prose ... together with the original Latin ... by David Watson ...Watson, David, 1710-1756.View
James HallGreek (Greek)AI94SalustMr Hamilton19 Feb 17683 Mar 1768ViewSallust, 86 B.C.-34 B.C.C. Crispi Sallustii quae extant; cum notis ... [variorum]. Accedunt Julius Exsuperantius, Porcius Latro; et fragmenta historicorum vett. cum notis A. Popmae. Recensuit, notas perpetuas, et indices adjecit Josephus Wasse. Praemittitur Sallustii vita, auctore Joanne ClericoWasse, Joseph, 1672-1738.Sp Coll Bn9-i.11View
Colin DawsonDivin (Divinity)AF92Abernethy's Sermons 2VMr Hamilton19 Feb 176821 Feb 1768ViewAbernethy, John, 1680-1740.Discourses concerning the being and ... perfections of God ...Sp Coll Bk3-g.3-4View
Tho.s BrownPhysic (Physic)E1015Hume's EssaysMr Anderson19 Feb 176822 Feb 1768ViewHume, David, 1711-1776.Political discoursesSp Coll Bm1-i.17  
Andw WilsonLogic (Logic)BX11Herodotus Gr: Lat:Mr Clow19 Feb 17689 Mar 1768Herodotus.[Historia.]
Jas ThomsonLogic (Logic)AS53Clark's OvidMr Clow19 Feb 176814 Apr 1768ViewOvid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D.Metamorphoseon libri XV ...Clarke, John, 1687-1734.Sp Coll Bl8-i.13View
Allan McDonaldGreek (Greek)AE1014ComediesMr Hamilton19 Feb 176822 Feb 1768Comedies.Comedies.
Alexr FisherLogic (Logic)A89Epictetus EnchirdionMr Clow19 Feb 176825 Feb 1768ViewEpictetus.Epicteti quae supersunt dissertationes ab Arriano collectae nec non Enchiridion et fragmenta Graecè et Latinè in duos tomos distributa cum integris Jacobi Schegkii et Hieronymi Wolfii selectisque aliorum doctorum annotationibus. Recensuit, notis et indice illustravit Joannes Uptonus.Upton, John, 1707-1760.Sp Coll Bk2-g.7-8View
W. BoydN. Phil (Natural Philosophy)AI28Xenophon's CyropadiaMr Anderson19 Feb 17683 Mar 1768ViewXenophon.Xenophontis De Cyri institutione libri octo. Graeca recognovit ... plurimis in locis emendavit, versionem Latinam reformavit, observationibus suis, tabula geographica, binisque dissertationibus praemissis auxit et illustravit; notas H. Stephani, Leunclavii, AE. Porti et Mureti recensitas et castigatas, variantium lectionum delectum, indicesque necessarios adjunxit Thomas Hutchinson, A.M. (Oxford, 1727)Hutchinson, Thomas.Sp Coll Bn10-g.16  View
W BrodieDivin (Divinity)N616Macqueen on HumeMr Anderson19 Feb 176816 Mar 1768ViewMacQueen, Daniel.Letters on Mr Hume's History of Great BritainSp Coll Bi1-f.18  View
Alex.r FisherLogic (Logic)AF88Temples Letters Vol.s 1.2.Mr Clow22 Feb 17689 Mar 1768ViewTemple, William, Sir, 1628-1699.Letters written by Sir W. Temple, Bart. and other ministers of state, both at home and abroad. Containing, an account of the most important transactions that pass'd in Christendom from 1665 to 1672 ... Published by Jonathan Swift ...Sp Coll Bl5-h.20-21View
John RuncemanEthic (Ethics)AV54.5Universal History Vol.s 4.5Dr Reid22 Feb 17682 Mar 1768ViewUniversal History.Universal history, from the earliest account of time. Compiled from original authors; and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, &c. with a general index to the whole.Sp Coll Bl10-f.22-24; Sp Coll Bl10-g.1-17View
John RuncemanEthic (Ethics)AQ616Lewis Hebr: Antiq: V. 1.2Dr Reid22 Feb 17689 Mar 1768ViewLewis, Thomas, 1689-1749?.Origines Hebraeae: the antiquities of the Hebrew republick. In four books ...Sp Coll Bk1-h.27-30View
Arch.d CampbellN. P. (Natural Philosophy)J712Humes Hist of Eng Vol 3dMr Clow22 Feb 176814 Mar 1768ViewHume, David, 1711-1776.History of England, from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688 ...Sp Coll Bl13-a.9-14View
Ja.s AndersonN. P. (Natural Philosophy)J716Robertsons Hist of Scot. V 1stMr Anderson, Mr Muirhead22 Feb 176811 Mar 1768ViewRobertson, William, 1721-1793.History of Scotland, during the reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI. till his accession to the crown of England. With a review of the Scotch history previous to that period; and an appendix containing original papers.Sp Coll Bh5-e.3-4View
Co: CampbellDivin (Divinity)L610LeonidesMr Muirhead22 Feb 176811 Mar 1768ViewGlover, Richard, 1712-1785.Leonidas, a poem.Sp Coll Bn8-d.6  View
Neh. NisbettLogic (Logic)J710Humes Hist Vol 1stMr Clow22 Feb 17684 Apr 1768ViewHume, David, 1711-1776.History of England, from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688 ...Sp Coll Bl13-a.9-14View
Rob.t GrahamLogic (Logic)AE127Tom Jones Vol.s 1. 2.dMr Clow22 Feb 176825 Feb 1768ViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.History of Tom Jones, a foundlingSp Coll Bk1-k.1-6View
And: DonnanEthic (Ethics)AE65Maclaurins AlgebraDr Reid22 Feb 176815 Mar 1768ViewMacLaurin, Colin, 1698-1746.Arithmeticae et algebrae compendium ...Sp Coll NM.3.12  View
John CochranLogic (Logic)J711Humes History Vol. 2.dMr Clow22 Feb 17689 Mar 1768ViewHume, David, 1711-1776.History of England, from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688 ...Sp Coll Bl13-a.9-14View
James Fealand [?]Divin (Divinity)CC21Edwards Body of Divinity 2 Vol.sMr Anderson22 Feb 176821 Mar 1768ViewEdwards, John, 1637-1716.Theologia reformata; or, the body and substance of the Christian religion, comprised in distinct discourses or treatises upon the Apostles creed, the Lord's prayer, and the ten commandments.Sp Coll Bk9-d.6-7View
Dav: ForresterPhysic (Physic)AH58TimorasDr Williamson22 Feb 176822 Mar 1768ViewOssian.Temora, an ancient epic poem, in eight books: together with several other epic poems ... Translated from the Galic language, by James Macpherson.Macpherson, James, 1736-1796.Sp Coll Bm6-f.10  View
Jas ThomsonLogic (Logic)AO43Charles Grandison 2 VolsMr Clow22 Feb 176810 Mar 1768ViewRichardson, Samuel, 1689-1761.History of Sir Charles Grandison. In a series of letters published from the originals / by the editor of Pamela and Clarissa.Sp Coll 1047-1052View
Robt StevenGreek (Greek)CD511Roman History 2 VolsMr Muirhead22 Feb 176815 Mar 1768ViewEchard, Laurence, 1670?-1730.Roman history, from the building of the city, to [the taking of Constantinople by the Turks] ...Sp Coll Bh10-h.16-20View
Jno SnodgrassPreacher (Preacher)BT51Western Islands[blank]22 Feb 176825 Feb 1768ViewMartin, Martin, -1719.Description of the Western Islands of Scotland ... : to which is added a brief description of the Isles of Orkney, and Shetland / by M. Martin ...Sp Coll 1065  View
John SmithMoral (Moral Philosophy)CJ54Logica sive Ars CogitendDr Reid22 Feb 176821 Mar 1768ViewArnauld, Antoine, 1612-1694.Logica sive ars cogitandi: in qua praeter vvlgares regvlas plura nova habentur ad rationem dirigenda utilia.Nicole, Pierre, 1625-1695.Sp Coll Bm8-k.5

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