Eighteenth-Century Borrowing from the University of Glasgow

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StudentClassPressShelfNumberLine EntryProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
William KinnairdN P (Natural Philosophy)AT723Preceptor Vol 2.dMr Anderson17 Dec 176616 Jan 1767ViewDodsley, Robert, 1703-1764.Preceptor : containing a general course of education. Wherein the first principles of polite learning are laid down in a way most suitable for trying the genius, and advancing the instruction of youth. In twelve parts, illustrated with mapss and useful cuts.Sp Coll Bk3-g.1-2View
Henry KingN: P: (Natural Philosophy)U614LucianMr Anderson17 Dec 176619 Dec 1766ViewLucian, of Samosata.Louikianou Samosateōs Dialogoi. : Peri tou Enupniou etoi Bios Loukianou.Sp Coll Bh1-d.7
Hugh NivenGreek (Greek)N611Gordons Peter y.e GreatMr Clow17 Dec 176630 Dec 1766ViewGordon, Alexander, 1669-1752.History of Peter the Great, emperor of Russia. To which is prefixed, a short general history of the country ... and an account of the author's life.Sp Coll Bk1-g.12-13View
James GreenockDivin (Divinity)CE13Pools Annatations Vol 2.dDr Traill, Mr Cumin, Mr Clow18 Dec 17667 Jan 1767ViewPoole, Matthew, 1624-1679.Annotations upon the Holy BibleSp Coll Bm8-a.3-4View
James MorrisonDivinity (Divinity)AP54Moss's Sermons Vol 1.stMr Clow18 Dec 176612 Feb 1767ViewMoss, Robert, 1666-1729.Sermons and discourses on practical subjects... With a preface, giving some account of the author, by a learned handSp Coll Bl9-h.6-9View
Co CampbellDivin: (Divinity)N423.24Marmontel Tom 1. & 2Dr Traill18 Dec 17665 Jan 1767ViewMarmontel, Jean-François, 1723-1799.Poétique françoiseSp Coll Bi1-h.3-4
Robert ScottDivin: (Divinity)N64.5Sherlock's Sermons Vol.s 3.4.Dr Traill18 Dec 176628 Jan 1767ViewSherlock, William, 1641?-1707.Sermons preach'd upon several occasionsSp Coll RB 3455  View
Wm BurnsideEthic (Ethics)AU55Newtons System of y.e WorldDr Reid18 Dec 176612 Jan 1767ViewNewton, Isaac, Sir, 1642-1727.Treatise of the system of the world. Translated into English.Sp Coll Bk1-h.24  View
Willm RaineyLogic (Logic)A59Ciceronis opera Tom: 4Mr Clow, Dr Williamson18 Dec 176619 Mar 1767ViewCicero, Marcus Tullius.Opera, cum delectu commentariorum, in usum ... Delphini. Editio secunda emendatissima (Geneva, 1743-1746)Olivet, Pierre-Joseph Thoulier, abbé d', 1682-1768.Sp Coll Bn1-h.7-15
Jas SmithLogic (Logic)CC46Religious PhilosopherMr Anderson18 Dec 176614 Jan 1767ViewNieuwentyt, Bernardus.Religious philosopher: or the right use of contemplating the works of the Creator ... Translated from the Low Dutch [by John Chamberlayne]. To which is prefix'd, a letter to the translator by the Reverend J.T. Desaguliers, LL.D.Sp Coll Bn8-h.8View
Jno SnodgrassPreacher (Preacher)AT1020Panegyrique Tom 3.Dr Traill18 Dec 176621 Jan 1767[Unclear][Panegyrique.]
Jno SnodgrassPreacher (Preacher)AS1117Les Moures des Fran:Dr Traill18 Dec 176622 Dec 1766ViewLe Gendre, Louis, Abbé.Les moeurs et coutumes des françois, dans les premiers tems de la monarchie. Précédés des Moeurs des anciens Germains, traduits du latin de C. Tacite, et d'une préface ...Sp Coll Bh2-i.19  
Jno SnodgrassPreacher (Preacher)CO27Bacons Works Vol 3Dr Williamson18 Dec 176624 Feb 1767ViewBacon, Francis, 1561-1626.Works of Francis Bacon ... With several additional pieces, never before printed in any edition of his works. To which is prefixed, a new life of the author, by Mr. Mallet.Sp Coll Ea8-x.10-13View
Alexr MillarEthic (Ethics)AR62Rapins Hist: Vol 2.dDr Reid18 Dec 17667 Jan 1767ViewRapin-Thoyras, Paul de, 1661-1725.History of England [as well ecclesiastical as civil].Sp Coll Bm2-g.1-18View
Geo: DavidsonAnat: (Anatomy)N617Goochs SurgeryDr Williamson18 Dec 176612 Jan 1767ViewGooch, Benjamin, -1780?.Cases and practical remarks in surgery. With sketches of machines ...Sp Coll Bl9-i.6View
Henry FooteEthic (Ethics)AE114Fordyce on Education Vol 1.stMr Clow19 Dec 176630 Dec 1766ViewFordyce, David, 1711-1751.Dialogues concerning educationSp Coll Bk8-f.10-11View
James AndersonEthic (Ethics)CE57Clavis HomericaDr Reid19 Dec 176613 Jan 1767ViewPerkins, George.Clavis Homerica ... Accedunt Michaelis Apostolii, proverbiaSp Coll Bi1-l.10  
Henry FooteEthic (Ethics)AE918Ulloas Voyages Vol 1.stDr Reid19 Dec 176622 Dec 1766ViewJuan, Jorge, 1713-1773.Voyage to South America : describing at large, the Spanish cities, towns, provinces, &c. on that extensive continent / [Juan y Santacilia].Ulloa, Antonio de.Sp Coll Bl9-g.6,7View
George MureEthic (Ethics)J714Humes History Vol 1.st (House StewartDr Reid19 Dec 17667 Jan 1767ViewHume, David, 1711-1776.History of England, from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688 ...Sp Coll Bl13-a.9-14View
Will RichardsonDivin (Divinity)H113HerodotusDr Williamson19 Dec 17668 Jan 1767Herodotus.[Historia.]
Will RichardsonDivin (Divinity)M319Herodotus Vol 2.dMr Anderson, Dr Reid19 Dec 17668 Jan 1767Herodotus.He tou Herodotou Halikarnasseos Historia. Herodoti Halicarnassessis Historia. Ex editione Jacobi Gronovii ... Adjectus est, ex eadem editione, Liber de vita Homeri; vulgo sed falso, adscriptus Herodoto ...View
John McLieshEthic (Ethics)G75Locks Works Vol 1stMr Muirhead19 Dec 176626 Jan 1767ViewLocke, John, 1632-1704.Works. In three volumes... With alphabetical tables / [Locke].Sp Coll Bl10-d.15-17View
John McLieshEthic (Ethics)AP1115Buxtorfs GrammarMr Clow19 Dec 176619 Jan 1767ViewBuxtorf, Johann, 1564-1629.Grammaticae Chaldaicae et Syricae libri tres.Sp Coll Bl3-l.6  
David ForresterEthic (Ethics)AE1111:12Peregrine Pickle Vol.s 3.4Dr Williamson, Dr Traill19 Dec 176622 Dec 1766Smollett, T. (Tobias), 1721-1771.Adventures of Peregrine Pickle
Robert DuncanLogic (Logic)CM34Lex: Novi TestamentiDr Williamson19 Dec 176613 Jan 1767[N/A]New Testament.
Henry KingNat: (Natural Philosophy)AT94Cardinal Wolsey Vol 1.stDr Williamson19 Dec 17665 Jan 1767ViewFiddes, Richard, 1671-1725.Life of Cardinal WolseySp Coll Bh2-c.2  View

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