Eighteenth-Century Borrowing from the University of Glasgow

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StudentClassPressShelfNumberLine EntryProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
Will BarkerEthic (Ethics)AS54Trap's prelectionsDr Reid8 Mar 176910 Mar 1769ViewTrapp, Joseph, 1679-1747.Praelectiones poeticae ... Volumen primumSp Coll Bk1-i.22  View
Wm WattPhysic (Physic)BV17Harris Voyages V 2dMr Anderson, Mr Muirhead8 Mar 176922 Mar 1769ViewHarris, John, 1677?-1719.Navigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca, or, a complete collection of voyages and travels ... To which is prefixed a copious introduction ... Now carefully revised, with large additions ...Sp Coll Bl9-a.8View
Alex.r SempleGreek (Greek)CF54Philip Henry's lifeMr Muirhead8 Mar 176923 Mar 1769ViewHenry, Matthew, 1662-1714.Account of the life and death of Mr. Philip Henry, minister of the Gospel, near Whitchurch in Shropshire ... With Dr. Bates's dedication. In which is added, a sermon preach'd on occasion of the death of his pious relict, Mrs Katherine Henry, in the year, 1707. By her sonSp Coll Bh9-k.15  View
John Crie [?]Greek (Greek)AR62Rappins His of Engld V 2dMr Muirhead8 Mar 176920 Mar 1769ViewRapin-Thoyras, Paul de, 1661-1725.History of England [as well ecclesiastical as civil].Sp Coll Bm2-g.1-18View
William GillEthic (Ethics)AB416Hutcheson's System V 1.stMr Clow8 Mar 176914 Mar 1769ViewHutcheson, Francis, 1694-1746.System of moral philosophy, in three books ... To which is prefixed, some account of the life, writings, and character of the author by the Reverend William Leechman, D.D.Sp Coll Ea7-a.11-12View
John GilmourGreek (Greek)CC25Scotts Warrior's V 1.stMr Muir, Mr Clow, Mr Muirhead8 Mar 176922 Mar 1769ViewAbernethy, John, 1680-1740.Discourses concerning the being and ... perfections of God ...Sp Coll Bk3-g.3-4View
Colquhoun SmithGreek (Greek)CO611Life of BruceMr Muirhead8 Mar 176915 Mar 1769ViewBarbour, John, -1395.Life and acts of ... Robert Bruce, King of Scotland. Carefully corrected from the edition printed ... in 1620.Sp Coll Bo2-d.16View
Jam ShawEthic (Ethics)AE1216Gregory's GeometryMr Muirhead8 Mar 176922 Mar 1769ViewGregory, David, 1661-1708.Treatise of practical geometry. In three parts. Translated from the Latin; with additions [by Colin McLaurin].Sp Coll Bi1-g.2  View
Robert FindlayMin.r (Minister)CK13Grotius Works V 3Mr Anderson, Mr Clow, Mr Reid8 Mar 176927 Mar 1769ViewGrotius, Hugo, 1583-1645.Opera omnia theologica, in tres tomos divisa. Ante quidem per partes, nunc autem conjunctim et accuratius edita.Sp Coll Bk3-a.7-10View
William FindlayGreek (Greek)AR49Rollin's Rom: History V 2Dr Moor8 Mar 176921 Mar 1769ViewRollin, Charles, 1661-1741.Roman history from the foundation of Rome to the battle of Actium ... Translated from the French.Sp Coll Bi1-g.24-25View
Andrew WoodLogick (Logic)G83PindarMr Clow, Mr Muirhead9 Mar 176927 Mar 1769ViewPindar.Pindarou Peziodos hoc est Pindari ... plus quam seexcentis in locis emaculati... [Olympionicae, Pythionicae, Nemeonicae, Isthmionicae] illustrati versione nova fideli, rationis metricae indicatione certa, dispositione textus genuina, commentario sufficiente. Cum fragmentis aliquot ... Opera Erasmi Schmidii Delitiani.Schmid, Erasmus, 1570-1637.Sp Coll Bn8-g.8  View
John TillochPhysic (Physic)AE119Peregrine Pickle V 3dMr Muirhead9 Mar 176920 Mar 1769Smollett, T. (Tobias), 1721-1771.Adventures of Peregrine PickleView
Jas AdamPhysic (Physic)AZ72Phil Transactions V 3 & 6Mr Anderson10 Mar 176923 Mar 1769ViewRoyal Society of London.Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London.Sp Coll Co.1.1-22View
Jn BroomfieldPhysic (Physic)CC64Homeri IliasMr Anderson10 Mar 17697 Apr 1769ViewHomer.Ilias ... Graece et LatineSp Coll Bl8-k.27  
John WilsonPhysic (Physic)AI56HomerMr Anderson10 Mar 17697 Apr 1769ViewHomer.Homērou Ilias kai Odysseia kai eis autas scholia, ē exēgēsis, tōn palaiōn. : Homeri Ilias & Odyssea, et in easdem scholia, sive interpretatio, veterum. Item notæ perpetuæ, in textum & scholia, variae lectiones, &c. cum versione latina emendatissimâ. Accedunt Batrachomyomachia, Hymni & Epigrammata, unà cum Fragmentis, & gemini indices ... / Operâ, studio, & impensis, Josuae BarnesBarnes, Joshua, 1654-1712.Sp Coll Bn8-g.11,12View
And: DonnanPhysic (Physic)CC510Present State of G BritainMr Anderson10 Mar 176928 Mar 1769ViewChamberlayne, John, 1666-1723.Magnae Britanniae notitia: or, the present state of Great Britain; with diverse remarks upon the ancient state thereofSp Coll Bk10-f.16View
Robert MillerPhysic (Physic)AT69Cheseldon's AnatomyMr Anderson10 Mar 176920 Mar 1769ViewCheselden, William, 1688-1752.Anatomy of the human bodySp Coll Bl14-d.15  View
Robert DuncanPhysic (Physic)AF55Rutherfords System V 2dMr Anderson, Mr Moor10 Mar 176928 Mar 1769ViewRutherforth, T. (Thomas), 1712-1771.System of natural philosophy, being a course of lectures in mechanics, optics, hydrostatics, and astronomy ...Sp Coll Bm8-f.3,4View
James PollockPhysic (Physic)AB45Simpson's EuclidMr Williamson10 Mar 176915 Mar 1769ViewEuclid.Euclidis elementorum libri priores sex, item undecimus et duodecimus, : ex versione Latina Federici Commandini; sublatis iis quibus olim libri hi a Theone, aliisve, vitiati sunt, et quibusdam Euclidis demonstrationibus restitutis, a Roberto Simson, M.D. In Academia Glasguensi Matheseos Professore..Simson, Robert, 1687-1768.Sp Coll Bn8-d.4  View
John McNairPhysic (Physic)AV53Un History V 3dDr Williamson10 Mar 176927 Mar 1769ViewUniversal History.Universal history, from the earliest account of time. Compiled from original authors; and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, &c. with a general index to the whole.Sp Coll Bl10-f.22-24; Sp Coll Bl10-g.1-17View
Geo RobertsonGreek (Greek)AV33Lives of Admirals V 3Dr Moor13 Mar 176921 Mar 1769ViewCampbell, John, 1708-1775.Lives of the admirals and other eminent British seamen. Containing their personal histories, and a detail of all their public services ... [And Continuation ... containing a new and accurate naval history, written under the inspection of Dr. Berkenhout].Sp Coll Bm1-g.17-21View
John DicksonEthic (Ethics)CC46Religious PhilosopherMr Williamson, Mr Reid13 Mar 176927 Mar 1769ViewNieuwentyt, Bernardus.Religious philosopher: or the right use of contemplating the works of the Creator ... Translated from the Low Dutch [by John Chamberlayne]. To which is prefix'd, a letter to the translator by the Reverend J.T. Desaguliers, LL.D.Sp Coll Bn8-h.8View
Ja.s MorrisonEthic (Ethics)BV518Dampiers Voyages V 2dDr Reid13 Mar 176927 Mar 1769ViewDampier, William, Captain.New voyage round the world.Sp Coll Bl3-h.21,22View
David DicksonEthic (Ethics)AF1026Gentleman's Companion V 2dDr Reid13 Mar 176923 Mar 1769ViewCountry Gentleman.Country Gentleman's companion. By a country gentleman.Sp Coll Bk2-k.10-11View
Patrick MaxwellDivin (Divinity)AY55Cudworths System V 1.stMr Muirhead, Mr Williamson, Mr Clow13 Mar 176924 Apr 1769ViewCudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688.True intellectual system of the universe: the first part: wherein, all the reason and philosophy of Atheism is confuted; and its impossibility demonstratedSp Coll Bl8-d.9View
Hugh WhiteLogick (Logic)AR73Rollin's Method V 3dMr Clow13 Mar 176921 Mar 1769ViewRollin, Charles, 1661-1741.Method of teaching and studying the belles lettres ... With reflections on taste; and instructions with regard to the eloquence of the pulpit, the bar and the stage. The whole illustrated with passages from ... poets and orators ... with critical remarks on them ... Translated from the French.Sp Coll Bk9-h.13-16View
Jas CouperPhysic (Physic)AT918Ulloa's Voyages V 1stMr Anderson13 Mar 176916 Mar 1769ViewJuan, Jorge, 1713-1773.Voyage to South America : describing at large, the Spanish cities, towns, provinces, &c. on that extensive continent / [Juan y Santacilia].Ulloa, Antonio de.Sp Coll Bl9-g.6,7View
David BrownPhysic (Physic)AU61Matho V 1.stMr Clow13 Mar 176928 Mar 1769ViewBaxter, Andrew, 1686?-1750.Matho: or, the cosmotheoria puerilis, a dialogue. In which the first principles of philosophy and astronomy are accommodated to the capacity of young persons ... Hence the principles of natural religion are deduced. Translated, and enlarged by the author (London, 1740)Sp Coll Bl2-g.9,10View
John ScalesEthic (Ethics)AF720Patrick's Terence V 1.stDr Reid14 Mar 176927 Mar 1769ViewTerence.Terence's Comedies, translated into English prose ... Together with the original Latin from the best editions ... With notes ... To which is prefixed the life of Terence, with some account of the dramatic poetry of the ancients.Patrick, Samuel, 1684-1748.Sp Coll Bl9-g.17,18View
Joseph ChapmanLogick (Logic)AS42Weston's ShorthandMr Clow15 Mar 176928 Mar 1769ViewWeston, James.Stenography compleated, or the art of short-hand brought to perfection ...Sp Coll Bl1-f.11  View
Rob.t ReidGreek (Greek)AR66Rappins His of Eng V 6Dr Moor15 Mar 176921 Mar 1769ViewRapin-Thoyras, Paul de, 1661-1725.History of England [as well ecclesiastical as civil].Sp Coll Bm2-g.1-18View

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