Eighteenth-Century Borrowing from the University of Glasgow

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StudentClassPressShelfNumberLine EntryProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
Ja: WrightDivinity (Divinity)[blank][blank][blank]Caves Historia LituariaMr Cumin1 Feb 17657 Mar 1765ViewCave, William, 1637-1713.Scriptorum ecclesiasticorum historia literaria, a Christo nato usque ad saeculum XIV facili methodo digesta ... / Autore Guilielmo Cave ... Accedunt ab aliis manibus appendices duae, ab ineunte saeculo XIV ad annum usque MDXVII ...Sp Coll e21-22View
John WrightDivinity (Divinity)L811Diodotis Italian BibleMr Williamson1 Feb 176519 Feb 1765ViewDiodati, Giovanni, 1576-1649.La Bibbia cioè, i libri del Vecchio, e del Nuovo Testamento. Nuouamente traslatati in lingua Italiana, da Giovanni Diodati.Sp Coll Bk5-e.14
John WrightDivinity (Divinity)T42dErskines InstitutesDr Williamson1 Feb 176519 Feb 1765ViewErskine, John, 1695-1768.Principles of the law of Scotland: in the order of Sir George Mackenzie's Institutions of that law.Sp Coll 743  View
Will: BurnsideLogic (Logic)[blank][blank][blank]Universal HistoryMr Clow1 Feb 176513 Feb 1765ViewUniversal History.Universal history, from the earliest account of time. Compiled from original authors; and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, &c. with a general index to the whole.Sp Coll Bl10-f.22-24; Sp Coll Bl10-g.1-17View
Simon FraserLaw (Law)H72Robertsons HistoryMr Millar1 Feb 17651 Mar 1765ViewRobertson, William, 1721-1793.History of Scotland, during the reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI. till his accession to the crown of England. With a review of the Scotch history previous to that period; and an appendix containing original papers.Sp Coll Bh5-e.3-4View
Geo: GrieveM. Philosophy (Moral Philosophy)AP413Abernethys SermonsDr Reid1 Feb 176513 Feb 1765ViewAbernethy, John, 1680-1740.Discourses concerning the being and ... perfections of God ...Sp Coll Bk3-g.3-4View
Daniel TurnerDivinity (Divinity)P812MacLaurans Newt. Philo.Dr Moor1 Feb 176521 Mar 1765ViewMacLaurin, Colin, 1698-1746.Account of Sir Isaac Newton's philosophical discoveries, in four booksSp Coll Bk10-e.6  View
Donald MorisonM. Philosophy (Moral Philosophy)CR527Burnets Pastoral careDr Reid5 Feb 176525 Feb 1765Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.Discourse of the pastoral care / with a new preface; and some other additions ...View
John WallaceM. Philsophy (Moral Philosophy)BY517Harris' NavigationDr Reid5 Feb 176519 Feb 1765ViewHarris, John, 1677?-1719.Navigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca, or, a complete collection of voyages and travels ... To which is prefixed a copious introduction ... Now carefully revised, with large additions ...Sp Coll Bl9-a.8View
Robert RobertsonGreek. (Greek)Stat. HallT[blank]Tom Jones Vol 1Dr Moor5 Feb 176515 Feb 1765ViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754.History of Tom Jones, a foundlingSp Coll Bk1-k.1-6View
John JamiesonGreek (Greek)Stat: Hall[blank][blank]Live of P. Wilkins Vol: 2dDr Moor5 Feb 17656 Feb 1765ViewPaltoch, Robert.Life and adventures of Peter Wilkins, a Cornish man: relating particularly, his shipwreck near the South Pole; his wonderful passage thro' a subterraneous cavern into a kind of new world; his there meeting with a gawry or flying woman ...By R.S. a passenger in the Hector.Sp Coll Bk1-k.15-16  vol. 2  View
John RogerN. Philosophy (Natural Philosophy)AR73Rollins Bellès LettrèsDr Williamson5 Feb 176526 Feb 1765ViewRollin, Charles, 1661-1741.Method of teaching and studying the belles lettres ... With reflections on taste; and instructions with regard to the eloquence of the pulpit, the bar and the stage. The whole illustrated with passages from ... poets and orators ... with critical remarks on them ... Translated from the French.Sp Coll Bk9-h.13-16View
Alex.r GilliesTheologie (Theology)D34Histoire de VoyageMr Cumin, Mr Reid, Mr Moor5 Feb 176511 Feb 1765ViewChardin, John, Sir, 1643-1713.Voyages en Perse, et autres lieux de l'Orient. Enrichis de figures en taille-douce ...Sp Coll Bk3-e.8-11
Robert ScottDivinity (Divinity)AP59Clarkes Sermons Vol 2.dMr Clow6 Feb 176520 Feb 1765ViewClarke, Samuel, 1675-1729.Sermons ... published from the author's manuscript, by John Clarke, D.D. ...Clarke, John, 1687-1734.Sp Coll Bk2-i.1-10View
John WilsonNat. Philosophy (Natural Philosophy)BY115Sir Jonas Moors MathematicsMr Anderson6 Feb 176527 Feb 1765ViewMoore, Jonas, Sir, 1617-1679.New systeme of the mathematicks ...Sp Coll Bn5-h.7-8View
Rob.t StewartNat. Philosophy (Natural Philosophy)CD41Livy GronoviiMr Anderson6 Feb 17656 Mar 1765ViewLivy.Historiarum quad exstat, cum perpetuis Car. Sigonii et J.F. Gronovii notis. Jac. Gronovius probavit, suasque et aliorum notas adjecitSp Coll Ea5-d.11-13

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