Eighteenth-Century Borrowing from the University of Glasgow

Library Rules

The third and fourth pages of Register 2 contain a detailed description covering how borrowings should be documented and the rules governing library use. This is transcribed below.

Library Rules, page 1

That the Keeper be obliged to keep a Register ruled and columned, according to the Pattern here given; in which shall be inserted every Book lent to every Student, in manner following, Viz.

In the first Column the Borrower’s own Subscription.
In the 2.d the Class he belongs to, as Divinity, Law, Chemistry, &c.
In the next three Columns, the Press, Shelf, & Number, as marked on the Book.
In the 6.th the Name of the Book.
In the 7.th the Professor, or Professors’ Names who sign the Note.
In the 8.th the Date when lent.
In the 9.th the Date when returned.

That when the Note for lending a Book is signed by three Professors, one Rule shall be left blank above, and another below the Borrower’s Subscription, &c in all the Columns except for that one for the Professors’ names, which in such case shall be inserted, one, in each Rule, with a { } before and after them. To the end that such Books may be the more readily observed by the Examiners of the Library.

That the Keeper shall be obliged, by Oath, not to take out of the Library for his own use, any Book, but what he shall insert in the Register in the same manner as if it had been taken out by a Student; through all the Columns except the one for the Professors’ names, which, in that case, he is to leave Blank. And when it is one of these Books which a Student cannot borrow, except by a Note signed by three Professors, the Keeper in that case is not allowed to take out of the Library such Books except upon the same Terms as a Student; Viz by a Note signed by three Professors.

That during the Eight Months of College-Session, the 12 Professors, exclusive of the Principal, shall each in their turn, be Examiner of the Library for three Weeks; and during those three Weeks shall visit the Library and inspect the Register, once, at least, every Week; without any previous Notice given to the Keeper, either of the Day, or Hour at which he is to come. The business of his Visit shall be; to observe what Books are too long out; and order them in; to call for any Book lately lent, which he feels may be abused, and to inspect its Condition; to observe what other Books, besides those in the Keeper’s list, ought, either from their price, their scarcity, or their bad Condition, to be added to the list of those which are not to be lent ˄out to Students, except, upon a Note signed by three Professors, or, upon an order of faculty.

That the Examiner shall with his own hand and subscription mark every such visit in the Register, according to the form given.

Library Rules, page 2

That each Examiner, shall, at the first University-meeting, alter the Expiration of his three Weeks, make his report to the Faculty, or whatever he observed in the Library proper to for their consideration, particularly as to Books to be added the above-mentioned list; and that he report and the resolution of the meeting there upon shall always be the first minute of that sederunt; and that without such report so minuted the Examiner shall not be held to have performed his Duty.

That the Keeper shall also keep another Register of Books taken out by the Professors; in which he shall have a space for each Professor, with his name at the head of it. This Register to be likewise ruled and columned. Viz. the first three columns for the Press, Shelf, and number: the 4th for the name of the Book; the 5.th the Date when taken out: the 6th the date when returned.

To be added a more full Register of Books not to be lent out.

That the Keeper shall not go out of Town nor be absent from his duty at any Time of the Year without the allowance of three Professors and their approbation of the Person whom he appoints to supply his place who must also be approved of at the first University-meeting.

That every Student who keeps out a Book longer than fourteen days shall pay for it according to the following Rate. Vizt for the first Week after the Expiration of the first fortnight one penny-sterling; for the second two-pence; for the third threepence; for the fourth, four pence; for the fifth five pence; for the Sixth six-pence: and for each week afterwards Sixpence which money is to be kept by the Librarian and to be accounted for by him.