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StudentClassPressShelfNumberLine EntryProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedRegister / PageLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
Wm TrailN. Philosophy (Natural Philosophy)AS613Coll: of TragediesMr Anderson22 Jan 17656 Feb 1765Register 3 page 46rTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.
Will: RichardsonAnatomy (Anatomy)Stationary[blank][blank]TragediesMr Hamilton13 Mar 176519 Mar 1765Register 3 page 53vTragedies.[Tragedies.]
Tim ClarkPhy: (Physic)Stat: Hall[blank][blank]Tragedies Vol 3dMr Cumin6 Dec 17652 Jan 1766Register 6 page 4rTragedies.[Tragedies.]
John HarvieDivinity (Divinity)AS613Volume of TragediesDr Traill10 Feb 176618 Feb 1766Register 6 page 9rTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.
Gavin WallaceEthic (Ethics)AS613Collection of TragedysDr Reid27 Mar 17662 Apr 1766Register 6 page 13vTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.
James TrailLogic (Logic)AS613Collection of TragedysDr Traill25 Jun 176616 Jul 1766Register 6 page 17rTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.
James TrailLogic (Logic)AE101Tragedies Vol 1stDr Traill2 Jul 176616 Jul 1766Register 6 page 17vTragedies.[Tragedies.]
James TrailLogic (Logic)AE103Tragedies Vol. 2.Dr Traill16 Jul 176630 Jul 1766Register 6 page 17vTragedies.[Tragedies.]
James TrailLogic (Logic)AE103Tragedies Vol. 3.Dr Traill23 Jul 176613 Aug 1766Register 6 page 18rTragedies.[Tragedies.]
Robert DuncanGreek (Greek)AS513Collection of TragediesMr Muirhead27 Aug 176624 Sep 1766Register 6 page 19rTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.
James Trayle[blank] ([blank])AE101Tragedies 2 VolsDr Traill21 Oct 176614 Nov 1766Register 6 page 20vTragedies.[Tragedies.]
Rob.t EuingGreek (Greek)AE1013Tragedies Vol 3dMr Muirhead23 Oct 176627 Oct 1766Register 6 page 20vTragedies.[Tragedies.]
William MureEthic (Ethics)AE101Tragedies Vol 1.stDr Williamson11 Jan 17667 Jan 1767Register 6 page 25vTragedies.[Tragedies.]
William BoydEthic (Ethics)AE101Tragedies Vol 1.stMr Cumin25 Feb 17672 Mar 1767Register 6 page 36vTragedies.[Tragedies.]
John YoungLogic (Logic)AS613Collection of TragediesMr Millar11 Mar 176716 Mar 1767Register 6 page 39rTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.
Tho.s BrownLogic (Logic)AE102.3Tragedies Vols 1.st & 2.dDr Williamson16 Mar 176718 Mar 1767Register 6 page 40rTragedies.[Tragedies.]
John JamiesonEthic (Ethics)AE103Tragedies Vol 3.dDr Williamson20 Mar 17676 Apr 1767Register 6 page 41rTragedies.[Tragedies.]
Henry FooteEthic (Ethics)AS613A Collection of TragediesDr Williamson6 Apr 176720 Apr 1767Register 6 page 44rTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.
John BriscoeGreek (Greek)AS613Collection of TragediesMr Anderson5 May 176710 May 1767Register 6 page 47vTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.
Alln McdondGreek (Greek)AS613Collection of TragediesDr Traill9 Sep 176723 Sep 1767Register 6 page 52rTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.
Rob.t HunterGreek (Greek)AS62Collection of TragediesMr Muirhead20 Jan 176827 Jan 1768Register 6 page 55rTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.
Ro DuncanPhysic (Physic)AS613Collection of TragediesMr Anderson13 Jan 176923 Jan 1769Register 6 page 70rTragedies.Collection of Tragedies.